BT Sirius Storage - 600mm Deep Side Filer
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BT Sirius Storage - 600mm Deep Side Filer

Net Price (Excl. VAT: £277.00 Gross Price (Inc. VAT): £332.40
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  • X Handle - Silver
  • S Handle - Silver
  • S Handle - White
  • S Handle - Blue
  • S Handle - Black
  • Q Handle - Silver
  • Q Handle - White
  • Q Handle - Blue
  • Q Handle - Black
  • M Handle - Silver
  • M Handle - White
  • M Handle - Black
  • Walnut MFC Surface Colour
  • Canadian Maple MFC Surface Colour
  • Japanese Ash MFC Surface Colour
  • Beech MFC Surface Colour
  • Light Oak MFC Surface Colour
  • Calva Oak MFC Surface Colour
  • Silver MFC Surface Colour
  • Grey MFC Surface Colour
  • White MFC Surface Colour
  • Santiago Cherry MFC Surface Colour
  • Stone Oak MFC Surface Colour
  • Black MFC Surface Colour
  • Anthracite MFC Surface Colour
  • Dijon Walnut MFC Surface Colour
  • Verade Oak MFC Surface Colour
  • Mocha MFC Surface Colour
  • Slate MFC Surface Colour

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BT Sirius 1000mm Wide Hinged Door Storage Cupboards - Accommodates all 1000mm internals

Sirius Storage brings together a comprehensive storage solution for the everyday office environment. It has been designed to offer total functionality and flexibility with a competitive price structure. With the choice of 5 handle options in various trim finishes you now have the choice to retro fit any handle to any storage unit or pedestal. Each cabinet is Supplied Empty to accept internals and each unit accomodates all 1000mm internals.

Side Opening Tambour Units now have a rebated inset track and are available in 1000mm and 1200mm widths. Each cabinet is Supplied Empty to accept internals. All  Sirius Tambour unts have a Silver, Grey, White or Black Tambour Door that opens from the centre and then each door slides to the side around the inside of the carcass.

All storage units are supplied with a 25mm thick MFC base and come complete with levelling feet that are adjustable from the inside of the unit. All large storage units include removable transit castors for ease of logistics.

Storage Units - Double Door Hinged Units are available in 800mm and 1000mm widths.

Bookcases - Bookcases are 350mm deep and available in 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm widths.\Each bookcase has fixed shelves with 380mm openings except the 725mm bookcases which are supplied with an adjustable shelf. Desk high bookcases are also available in 1200mm and 1600mm widths.

Pedestals - Pedestals are 400mm and 300mm wide and supplied with a 25mm thick external base and easy adjustable levelling feet. All handles are now 128mm centres and can be fitted to any pedestal.

Top Units - Open and Glass Hinged Door Top Units are available in 800mm and 1000mm widths

Credenza Units are available in a 2 or 3 door option and 1600mm or 1200mm width.

Storage Internals - Imperial have our own compliment of storage internals which are available in 800mm and 1000mm widths.

Lead times are approximately 3 to 4 week from order.


Codes for board finishes:
Walnut (N), Canadian Maple (CM), Japanese Ash (J), Beech (B), Light Oak (LO), Silver (S), Grey (G), White (W), Santiago Cherry (SC), Stone Oak (SO),
Black (BL), Anthracite (AN), Verade Oak (VO), Slate (ST), Nebraska Oak (NO)

Codes for trim finishes:
White (W), Silver (S), Black (BL), Grey (G)

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