Single gas lift arm with Razor Mount, C clamp and Bolt Through fixing kit
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Single gas lift arm with Razor Mount, C clamp and Bolt Through fixing kit

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Cygnus single 14KG gaslift monitor arm with C clamp & bolt through fixing kit
RSI is the name given to a group of injuries which primarily affect the tendons, muscles and nerves of the neck and upper limbs. It's a collective term and can also be known as Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD). Symptons of RSI include swelling, aches, pains, numbess, tingling, weakness and cramps and conditions can be caused by a combination of overuse and repetition, poor or static posture and often insufficient recover time; stress can often be a factor too.
The problem is increasingly primarily through the intense use of computers, mouse, and keyboard usage, compounded by the sedentary nature of many jobs. However, RSI is preventable and treatable.
This is where CMD can offer their expertise. Based on our understanding of preventing RSI by using our unrivalled experience to design ergonomically products, we offer a range of monitor arms, laptop support, task lights, and accessories.
Cygnus is a flat screen monitor arm featuring a unique blend of innovative engineering and contemporary styling. It offers all the benefits you would expect of a premium adjustable gas lift arm with the added benefit of an extensive range of useful features to further enhance its function making life in a busy working office more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.
Ergonomic arms are essential for office environments as they ensure staff are working in a more comfortable position. An employee’s monitor should be just below their eye lines, reducing eye strain and allowing their posture to be more natural. Not only does this benefit the employees but the business is rewarded with more productivity and less illness among staff.
The Cygnus arm is designed and built in the UK, with 95% parts sourced domestically, and 80% sourced locally.
The Cygnus arm has been built with the environment in mind to sourcing locally has reduced transport costs, and meets both ROSH and REACH standards. The powder coating of the arm is a hard wearing, yet environmentally friendly finish.
Cygnus has undergone extensive testing for ergonomic requirements of the appropriate British and European standards and FIRA specifications, while winning the FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award in 2006.
In house testing has allowed the Cygnus to be rotated up to 10,000 cycles while still being fully functional after this testing phase.
  • An integral gas strut counterbalances the weight of the screen allowing fingertip adjustment to the desired working position
  • The arm mechanism ensures the screen remains vertical throughout any adjustment
  • The dual-position forearm can be set at 15 degree or 45 degree positions to extend the operational range of the arm
  • The arm can fold flat into 80mm of space
  • The tilt and rotate head features a quick-release mechanism with a locking feature as standard, permitting quick and easy monitor detachment
  • Arms are supplied with an industry-standard VESA 75 / 100 adaptor plate for attachment of monitors
  • The arm features an integral cable management system
  • Includes standard desk mount kit suitable for desk edge or through desk mounting
  • Cygnus gas lift arm with both desk and through desk mounting kits. 
  • Holds screen weights 8-14kg
Lead time: 10 to 15 working days
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