Delivery and installation of office furniture and office equiment

BT office Furniture offer the facility of installing professionally all the products we advertise on our websites or are available from any of our supplier lists. It is at the cart stage of our website that BT offer you the opportunity to have the furniture and equipment that you are about to purchase delivered and installed by a professional team of furniture installers employed by BToffice Furniture Ltd. Just call sales FREE on 0800 298 70 33 and we can produce quotes for you based on the furniture you have selected.

The teams are made up of the correct number of people to install the quantity of furniture items that have been purchased. This may mean that only 1 person is required to fulfill this role or even 20 people and of course this figure represents the quantity required to properly, safely and respectfully carry out this role to the best of their ability on behalf of you the customer.

When the installation teams have finished, they will collect all the waste and clear their working area and then dispose of all the waste environmentally. The waste is loaded back onto our vehicles and depending on the product, will be sorted back at our warehouse and shipped to the correct company that can either dispose of it environmentally or re-use and therefore a greener and more efficient policy of waste disposal is ensured.

The cost of installation is calculated by BT office Furniture at a percentage of the sale and then this figure is added to the overall sale and VAT calculated at the current rate.

Our installations manager will call you prior to the delivery and request certain information that pertains to the installation. That person will gather information that is specific to the installation that will ensure the best possible and safest method of which to fulfill that need. The manager will require knowledge regarding the site and the restrictions that may be incurred by the teams.

When our staff arrive at your premises they will be properly attired to fulfil that role safely and efficiently. They will be wearing the correct clothing that not only is required but is a must when dealing with health and safety at work. They will be wearing the correct footwear and protective attire.

It is BT Office Furniture’s responsibility to support you the customer in the best way possible to create the most affective method on delivery and installation of office furniture and office equipment and we strive to improve this service always.