Era Series (2) Arc Desktop Screens 600-400mm High + Aluminium Trim
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Era Series (2) Arc Desktop Screens 600-400mm High + Aluminium Trim

Net Price (Excl. VAT: £148.00 Gross Price (Inc. VAT): £177.60
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  • Graphite Aluminium Trim
  • Silver Aluminium Trim
  • Maturity Cara Fabric
  • Aeon Cara Fabric
  • Allowance Cara Fabric
  • Chapter Cara Fabric
  • Everlasting Cara Fabric
  • Late Cara Fabric
  • Perennial Cara Fabric
  • Range Cara Fabric
  • Youth Cara Fabric
  • Cycle Cara Fabric
  • Date Cara Fabric
  • Experience Cara Fabric
  • Calendar Cara Fabric
  • Extent Cara Fabric
  • Phase Cara Fabric
  • Endurance Cara Fabric
  • Event Cara Fabric
  • Notation Cara Fabric
  • Period Cara Fabric
  • Rest Cara Fabric
  • Signature Cara Fabric
  • Timelapse Cara Fabric
  • Analogue Cara Fabric
  • Lifetime Cara Fabric
  • Measure Cara Fabric
  • Occasion Cara Fabric
  • Sequence Cara Fabric
  • Span Cara Fabric
  • Splitsecond Cara Fabric
  • Turn Cara Fabric
  • Elapse Cara Fabric
  • Forward Cara Fabric
  • Present Cara Fabric
  • Futurist Cara Fabric
  • Generation Cara Fabric
  • Memo Cara Fabric
  • History Cara Fabric
  • Prompt Cara Fabric
  • Quota Cara Fabric
  • Prime Cara Fabric
  • Forecast Cara Fabric
  • Occurrence Cara Fabric

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An unrivalled product within its cost sector, 1 Series is a premium economy product. With UPVC side profiles and an integrated linking system you can configure both desk mounted and floor standing solutions using this system.

1. UPVC uprights are supplied in silver.
2. Each screen is supplied with one inline link and one cover strip.
3. Desk mounted screens are supplied at ordered height. Please be aware bracket thickness will increase overall height.
4. Desk mounted screens up to 1800w are supplied with a pair of matching brackets to suit 25mm desk tops, screens over 1800w are supplied with three matching brackets.
5. Standard bracket hole positions are 228mm in from each screen edge unless screen width is smaller than 800w then these will be 75mm - others available on request.
6. Floor standing screens are supplied with two height adjusters.
7. Wave or arc drop is 200mm as standard.
8. Smallest available wave width is 600w.
9. Screens are priced using Camira cara colours, other colour options are available, call and ask for Nigel H or email Nigel -
10. for linking strips see related products at the bottom of the screen

Installation and delivery

Deliveries are made during 8:00am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday. Deliveries outside these parameters or specific timed deliveries can be accommodated if booked in advance and are chargeable price-on-application. We acknowledge orders with a week ending delivery date. While we deliver on a regular schedule we cannot guarantee what day you will receive your goods. If your goods are ready and a suitable carrier delivery is available and chargeable price-on-application.
Installation is not included. Installations are available and charged at the checkout point.

Lead time
Lead times are flexible and differ for each product, please contact us for details. Anything that is considered a special is subject to extended lead times which can be quoted at the point of order.

With all our products manufactured to the highest quality standards we are confident that you will enjoy many years of excellence. However, occasionally even the best products can sometimes go wrong. That is why we offer all our customers a 5 year guarantee against defects in our products from the date of purchase providing that:

1. The product has only been subjected to normal “wear and tear”.
2. The product has not been subjected to misuse or abuse.

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an international non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through independent third-party certification. PEFC UK was established in 2000 and is a member of PEFC International. PEFC International is an umbrella organisation that endorses national forest certification systems developed through multi-stakeholder processes and tailored to local priorities and conditions. PEFC works throughout the entire forest supply chain to promote good practice in the forest and to ensure that timber and non-timber forest products are produced with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards.
Recycled and recyclable content Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) we aim to recycle all waste materials created from our manufacturing process. We also aim to source recycled raw materials where possible without detracting from the quality of the product. To represent this we have identified the average percentage
of recycled material within each product. Components within our finished products can be recycled at the end of their life so we have also shown the average percentage of recyclable material within each product.

For screens, all panels are individually single polythene bag wrapped. Small or desk mounted panels are wrapped in pairs. View Screens are wrapped with feet attached. Various other forms of packaging including; cardboard edging, Nomafoam edge protection, bubblewrap, cardboard facing, palletisation and crating are all available price-on-application.

Cleaning and maintenance
Due to the high quality finish, our products offer low maintenance upkeep and therefore should not require regular cleaning. However, if required the methods below can be used.
For general cleaning of dust or loose dirt within the framework or fabric panelling; a normal vacuum cleaner, a dry or a damp cloth can be used to gently remove marks. Please note, do not use any abrasive cleaning products as this may cause damage to the screens. If a cleaning agent is required we recommend testing it on a non-visible part of the screen prior to use.
For general cleaning of fabric, if there are any spillages immediately soak up the fresh stain using a soft cloth or towel to avoid staining the material. If a dried stain has occurred gently clean with a damp white cloth followed by an upholstery cleaner (always test the product prior to use). For tough stains such as Biro or nail varnish, clean with surgical spirit or nail varnish remover then wash using washing up liquid (or equivalent) diluted in lukewarm water. Take care when using surgical spirit or equivalent as they can dissolve some materials.

For specific cleaning:

• For Perspex screens wipe any loose dirt off the surface to prevent scratching then gently clean with a damp lint free cloth.
• Polyrey decorative laminates can be easily maintained with water and mild detergent taking care not to allow excessive moisture to seep between joins.
• All our fabric suppliers offer specialised care guides for maintaining their products which can be obtained through them.

 IMPORTANT INFO - FABRIC CHOICES -It is very important to note that screen colours may not match the actual material swatches manufactured by Camira. The screen colours must be seen as a guide and may change dependendent on the resolution of monitors. It is advised that you request the actual material swatches to guarantee your colour choices.

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