Finance Your Office Furniture

Why not consider leasing your office furniture?

If you are considering the acquisition of any equipment - from machinery to IT and office solutions then Hudson's can help.
Leasing has many proven advantages. Please read for further explanation.

Business Sectors

Investing in new or improved equipment is crucial to the long term growth of any business; but have you considered why so many businesses now choose to finance such purchases as opposed to using cash?
Hudson's have been providing specialist leasing facilities to all kinds of UK businesses for many years enabling you to comfortably spread the overall cost of any new equipment purchases, protecting your existing cash-flow and leaving existing credit lines untouched.
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Q. How long can I lease over?


Leasing can also help businesses financially manoeuvre outside of their current banking arrangements and often avoids security required with most other facilities. Leasing also opens up new channels for future growth.

Q. I’ve just started in business, surely that counts me out?
As our finance is secured against the asset, we can assist many new start companies. It may involve a little more detail, but our recently employed start-up underwriter is on hand to ensure that you achieve the best possible credit agreement.

Q. I’m not certain I’ve got the project yet, but need to know if I can get the finance?
Just advise your consultant. As long as we are aware, we are prepared to take on the cost of underwriting and agreeing the deal to ensure that you can meet your commitments should you successfully gain the contract.

Q. Can the facility be withdrawn?
As long as you maintain your payments the facility cannot be withdrawn. This is unlike an overdraft, where the power to foreclose is nearly always a threat.

Q. Can I settle the agreement off early?
In most instances you are able to settle the agreements off early on very competitive terms. Please ask your consultant if you feel this may be an avenue you need to explore and they will provide you with the settlement terms relevant to your agreement.

Q. I already have a good relationship with my bank, why do I need your help?
While many customers enjoy good relationships with their banks, it does not always result in you gaining the most competitive agreement.
It is well known that banks make the majority of their profits from commercial clients. With excess fees and standardised rates, we now find that even our bank contacts struggle to provide the better deals.
Even if you think you are being provided with a good arrangement, why not test them out? With our knowledge of the marketplace we can quickly establish whether any better terms are around.
At the very least you can gain comfort in your current banks offer, or at the very best a new credit facility and a more competitive package.

Leasing Options
There are many different finance options available at Hudson's Office Furniture, aimed at supporting the long-term growth of your business.
Below is an outline of what we can offer.

Hire Purchase
Enables you to own the equipment once rentals are paid, normally for a nominal fee stated on the agreement (option to purchase fee).For taxation purposes you may be able to claim capital allowances as permitted, with the interest element also subject to the appropriate tax benefits.

Lease Rental
Where the equipment is rented through the primary period with future usage being abandoned at the end of the agreement - in other words, you get to keep the equipment for however long you wish.
Benefits may include accelerated tax benefits in comparison to lease purchase - often the favoured option when using asset finance.

What are the benefits of Leasing

Maintains Cash Flow
There’s no impact on existing credit lines, making further borrowings easier to obtain

Tax advantages
Leasing is often considered the most efficient way to acquire new equipment due to the tax benefits that can be realised. We advise our customers to speak with their accountant to confirm exactly how these benefits can be realised.

100% finance
Leasing often provides you with finance for the total cost of a project including installation, training and other associated costs.
Agreements can have equal repayments throughout the term with no requirement for large up front deposits that affect cash flow.

Enables larger purchases
Because leasing spreads the cost of purchase, you may now be able to afford more than you previously thought.
Alternatively, you are in a position to acquire expensive, yet more efficient equipment. This can in turn improve your businesses and profitability quicker than anticipated.

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