Identity - Nova 4 Wooden Legs Base Breakout Chair
SKU: 2619907621

Identity - Nova 4 Wooden Legs Base Breakout Chair

Net Price (Excl. VAT: £426.00 Gross Price (Inc. VAT): £511.20
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  • Medley Fabric
  • Openc Fabric
  • Work Fabric
  • Combo Fabric
  • Apt Fabric
  • Mutual Fabric
  • Share Fabric
  • Global Fabric
  • Values Fabric
  • Warmth Fabric
  • Together Fabric
  • Fellowship Fabric
  • Compose Fabric
  • Affinity Fabric
  • Fate Fabric
  • Loop Fabric
  • Contribution Fabric
  • Similar Fabric
  • Likeness Fabric
  • Congregate Fabric
  • Collaborate Fabric
  • Huddle Fabric
  • Order Fabric
  • Guild Fabric
  • Alike Fabric
  • Accord Fabric
  • Group Fabric
  • Engage Fabric
  • Kinship Fabric
  • Support Fabric
  • Regard Fabric
  • Pact Fabric
  • Comply Fabric
  • Kindness Fabric
  • League Fabric
  • Append Fabric
  • Integrate Fabric
  • Gather Fabric
  • Bracket Fabric
  • Interfuse Fabric
  • Affix Fabric
  • Tag Fabric
  • Unity Fabric
  • Collective Fabric
  • Lateral Fabric
  • Relate Fabric
  • Summon Fabric
  • Venture Fabric
  • Serendipity Fabric
  • Partner Fabric
  • Chain Fabric
  • Level Fabric
  • Team Fabric
  • Bond Fabric
  • Pair Fabric
  • Family Fabric
  • Chemistry Fabric
  • Hook Fabric
  • Assemble Fabric
  • Couple Fabric
  • Compound Fabric
  • Mix Fabric
  • Oak Base
  • Walnut Base
  • Black Base

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Identity - Nova 4 Wooden Legs Base Breakout Chair

Perfect for breakout and meeting environments, Nova has a slender modern design, perfectly complimenting Ava. Its slimline construction delivers supreme comfort, allowing users to enjoy a high level of comfort for longer periods.

We’re experts in creating and producing inspirational furniture solutions.  From machinists to upholsterers, designers to accountants, we are very  much a family here at Identity Furniture, and that ethos runs through everything we do. Based at our factory in Chorley, Lancashire, our highly skilled and extremely motivated team are committed to creating the best products on the market and offering our loyal customers an unrivalled experience

Choosing your fabric

We have chosen fabrics from Camira Synergy to offer you within group 2 below due to the vast colour choices and textures so that you can effectively purchase this chair on-line but of course there are many bands within the groups below and you may wish to choose a version of one of these. If that is the case then please email with your material selection, quantity and order details such as invoice info and delivery address and Nigel will happily send you a Pro-Forma invoice showing the quantity and fabric selection. The quality of the material we have chosen can be viewed at this link

Goup 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4

Camira Manhattan
Camira Sprint
Camira Urban
Camira Vita
Camira X2
Camira Xtreme
Chieftain Carino
Chieftain Just Colour
Chieftain Just Patterns
Chieftain Trimcell Classic
Chieftain Trimcell Legend
Malone Liberty
Skai Tundra

Camira Aspect
Camira Halcyon - Cedar
Camira Main Line Flax
Camira Main Line Plus
Camira Manila
Camira Nexus*
Camira Patina
Camira Synergy
Camira Xtreme CS
Chieftain Lionella
Chieftain MultiStretch
Chieftain Pasha
Malone Canterbury
Malone Chelsea
Malone Elba
Malone Highland
Malone Kensington
Panaz Aston
Skai Sotega

Camira 24/7 Flax
Camira Aquarius
Camira Blazer
Camira Halcyon - Aspen Camira Halcyon - Blossom Camira Hi-Tech
Camira Main Line Flax Stripe Camira Regent
Camira Silk
Camira Track
Chieftain Carousel Chieftain Ravel
Panaz Hugo
Panaz Montagu
Skai Aliena
Skai Pavinto
Skai Samua
Skai Sorrento
Skai Soshagro
Skai Sotega Stars
Sunbury Design Colorama

Camira Acrobat
Camira Craggan
Camira Individuo
Camira Yoredale
Skai Soroma

IMPORTANT INFO . It is very important to note that screen colours may not match the actual material swatches manufactured by Camira and other fabric manufacturers. The screen colours must be seen as a guide and may change dependendent on the resolution of monitors. It is advised that you request the actual material swatches to guarantee your colour choices.

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