Motion single head pole monitor arm with C clamp fixing kit
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Motion single head pole monitor arm with C clamp fixing kit

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Motion single head pole monitor arm with C clamp fixing kit
RSI is the name given to a group of injuries which primarily affect the tendons, muscles and nerves of the neck and upper limbs. It's a collective term and can also be known as Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD). Symptons of RSI include swelling, aches, pains, numbess, tingling, weakness and cramps and conditions can be caused by a combination of overuse and repetition, poor or static posture and often insufficient recover time; stress can often be a factor too.
The problem is increasingly primarily through the intense use of computers, mouse, and keyboard usage, compounded by the sedentary nature of many jobs. However, RSI is preventable and treatable.
This is where CMD can offer their expertise. Based on our understanding of preventing RSI by using our unrivalled experience to design ergonomically products, we offer a range of monitor arms, laptop support, task lights, and accessories.
Motion is the ever practical pole arm that offers the ergonomic benefits of a monitor arm yet more affordable than its more prestigious Air gas sibling. Motion does share common styling with Air ensuring the aesthetics are not comprised when the arms share the same floor space. Motion is available in a single and double arm configuration making it ideal for those who work in close proximity, or for the individual user who has two screens. It can also be selected with a monitor head that is ideal for reception areas and point of sale locations.
  • Supplied with VESA 75/100 adapter plate as standard.
  • The tilt & rotate head allows portrait or landscape positioning.
  • 360 degree rotation.
  • Colours available include: Fusion Silver, Black, and White.
  • Lock and Adjustment base.
  • Security screw to prevent removal of the monitor.
  • Can carry monitors up to a weight of 8kg.
  • Motion single head  in Fusion Silver with  grey plastic parts 
  • Motion single head  in CMD Black with  black plastic parts 
  • Motion single head  in CMD White with  grey plastic parts
Note: Motion single heads (Only to be used with motion single head 400mm pole, other lengths
are available on request - please ask the sales office)
Lead time: 10 to 15 working days



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