Valde - MDD Horseshoe Reception Desk, Counter
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Valde - MDD Horseshoe Reception Desk, Counter

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The body of the counter includes hidden handy shelves for files and a wide working table with enough space for a computer or a printer

Due to a wide range of available elements the shape of the Valde reception desk can be configured in various forms – from a circle through an arch to angular and simple blocks. It allows to arrange even small reception rooms without any problems.

1. Low side panel -HPL high gloss - 38mm
2. Side panel linking low and heigh fronts - HPL high gloss - 38mm
3. Cable grommets - Ø80mm
4. Supporting leg NE41- required for connecting the tops
5. High side panel - HPL high gloss - 38mm
6. Option with additional charge - working top with lowered monitor shelf - MFC 28mm, PVC edge
7. Light swich
8. LMS05 - reception desk storage; order separately
9. Shelf - MFC 18mm, PVC edge
10. Top - MFC 12mm, PVC edge
11. Body - MFC 18mm, PVC edge
12. Optional front with lock - universal (left, right) - MFC 18mm, PVC edge; - ordered as separate element

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Additional Information

Type Desking
Manufacturer MDD
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