Verco Operator/Task Chair - Profile Lite Seating Options
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Verco Operator/Task Chair - Profile Lite Seating Options

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The Profile Lite chair features the same ergonomically shaped back as the standard Profile –‘healthy back’ seating range. Available with a medium back height and a choice of fixed or adjustable height arms Profile Lite offers a robust, comfortable and competitively priced entry point into the Profile chair collection. Specified with a simple tilt mechanism, full ratchet back height adjustment, seat height adjustment and a tilt lock, Profile Lite provides all the comfort and adjustment control required in the modern office. Profile Lite may be also upgraded to a simple synchronised mechanism as an optional extra, if required.

















TLT          tilt

fitted to a single shell                                                            Carlo

shell tilts from under the seat                                              Salt and Pepper

lockable in upright position or free float                            profile Lite

seat height adjustment

BR           back rake

independent locking back rake angle                                Look

back height adjustment                                                         Buzz

no seat angle adjustment                                                      Pop

seat height adjustment

PCB          permanent contact back

permanent contact back                                                         Mesh

lockable in a number of positions, or free-float    Profile

body weight tension adjustment                                           Ergoform

back height adjustment                                                          Cube

seat height adjustment

ISB           independent seat and back

independent locking back rake angle                                 look*                       profile*

back height adjustment                                                          buzz*                       ergoform*

independent locking seat angle adjustment                      pop*

seat height adjustment

SYN         synchronised seat & back

synchronised seat and back angle adjustment                 buzz*                       breathe

anti-kick safety lock                                                                 pop*                        vibe lite

lockable in a number of positions, or free-float                  flow                         vibe

body weight tension adjustment                                           mesh*                     select

back height adjustment                                                          profile lite*             verve2

seat height adjustment                                                           profile*                   ocean

                                                                                                    profile24                 luxus        ergoform*

BWS        body weight synchronised seat & back

synchronised seat and back angle adjustment                 profile*

anti-kick safety lock                                                                 ergoform*

free-float with travel restrictor

semi-automatic body weight tension adjustment

back height adjustment

seat height adjustment

KT            knee tilt mechanism

fitted to a single shell                                                              vibe

seat and back tilt from the front edge of the seat               verve2

lockable in a number of positions, or free-float

anti-kick safety lock

seat height adjustment

smart      intelligent mechanism

automatic body weight tension adjustment              

automatic lumbar adjustment                                      

automatic posture control

independent and/or synchronised seat & back

seat height adjustment

activator button for optional static seat

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